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Changelings Breakdown on New Script Complete

Thumbnail for Changelings updates, now the short film The Tear.

FOR POSTERITY As promised – whether you people like or not I suppose – I’m uploading the latest breakdown of Changelings here to the Steem blockchain. Just as a reminder, a breakdown is a catalogue of all the items that…

Shooting Raw for Changelings

phil shoots background plates for the tear

So I suppose today is the first day shooting material for Changelings. I rented this RAW recorder for my FS7 but today ended up being cloudy AND hazy! Bah! It’s been challenging getting material todayBecause of it. I was hoping…

Changelings #46 – Three Locations


There are a few things I can shoot before I need my DP to earn his worth. I’m hoping some of the shots I gather this weekend can help set the mood of Changelings. On a side note, @share2steem isn’t working lately.…