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Hive Commercial #2 – “Be”

hive-commercial -2-thumb

Welcome back to The Other Cola (formerly Distant Signal) where I talk about filmmaking, story, cryptocurrency and liberty! In today’s piece, goodbye Steem. Hello Hive! With just a few hours to go until Hive.io launches, I’m releasing the 2nd commercial…

Hyperspace (Synereo) Is Shutting Down


I’m excited to be living through what is – more or less – the format wars for decentralized media. There are a lot of great ideas and blockchains out there, but like VHS and Beta, or HD DVD and Blue Ray… THERE…

So Wow! – Dogecoin Tee (black)

dogecoin so wow tee shirt

INTRODUCING…. The So, Wow! Dogecoin teeshirt on TeeSpring! It’s the first of its kind, with a premium font and art, designed by me. What led me to design a t-shirt you ask? I’ve been a fan of both Dogecoin and…