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The Tear Sizzle – Final Footage Is In!

On the 10th of October, I finally had enough time and money to film the remaining fifteen seconds of the sizzle which had eluded me for months. After my daughter was born and the pandemic swept over the Earth, things…

The Tear #23 – A Little Bit of Everything

phil points at a screen while editing the tear crowdfund sizzle

Good afternoon, There has been a lot going on over here for the development of The Tear. They’re small, but important on the journey to our crowdfunding efforts. First, we have secured the domain www.thetearsees.com and set up a very rudimentary landing…

The Tear Crowdfund Video is In Edit!


Step by step. Inch by friggen inch. We are laying the foundations for the Tear. We shot the interview of me that will serve as the scaffolding of the crowdfunding video that I’ll be using on IndieGoGo and @fundition. Mark swung…

Changelings #52 – Sick As $%@#!!!!


I’m sick, but I was lucky enough to receive my first Litecoin donation from Steem user, @vincentnijman! Thanks! As soon as I’m better I’ll press on. VINCENT’S STEEM PAGE:https://steempeak.com/@vincentnijman DISTANT SIGNAL’S FORUMS!https://theothercola.tv/forum/