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The Tear Update #22 – Table Read


Wasss happoniiiiing!?!? Just a little, late night table read for The Tear! I’ve never done a table read at what would usually be bed time, but it was the only hour we could all get together. I’m glad we did.…

The Tear Look Book Samples


Been putting together some mood boards for The Tear. It will consist of well over a dozen pages by the time I’m done but I wanted to share with you a few samples of what has been completed so far.…

Garfield – The Cosmic Horror Cat

garfield creepy pasta thumbnail

CREDIT: LumpyTouch Time is a flat circle. A circle of memes and striped orange cats. What was will be again… and is. When I was a child, I could not get enough of Garfield. I think my parents bought me…