The Tear Update #21 – Project Descriptions for Crowdfunding Campaign

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I’m currently following the program – best practices – set out by IndieGoGo for crowdfunding. It’s extremely comprehensive. I plan on also reviewing the @fundition best practices as well but I’m going with IndieGoGo for now given their success as an organization and the thoroughness of the information they’ve presented.

One part of their pre-calendar they set out for us to accomplish for the crowdfund is the task of writing 10-15, two or three sentence descriptions for the project. The second part of this task is to give this list to people and have them rate which one of these sentences the find the most engaging.

This is excellent advice in my opinion and I’ve actually finished 12 project descriptions. In the spirit of the font choice I involved the Steem community in for Changelings – now The Tear – I wanted to give you all a chance to read the 12 project descriptions and let me know which of them you find the most engaging. Which grabs or intrigues you the most.

I can use this data to help make both the IndieGoGo and Fundition campaigns more effective.

So, I present to you the 12 descriptions. Please let me know what you think.

1. The Tear is a cosmic horror short film in the vein of Mandy, John Carpenters The Thing and the thriller You Were Never Really Here. It follows a shapeshifter who is out for revenge on the creature that made him.
2. Cosmic horror is a genre of cinema that goes largely underserved, The Tear wants to change that by focusing on the human element in an uncaring universe.  In the vein of Mandy, John Carpenters the thing and the thriller You Were Never Really Here, The Tear tells the story about a shapeshifter that is out for revenge because of a broken heart. 
3. Jealousy, revenge and a cosmic god of chaos.  These are just some of the elements of the cosmic horror short film and world, The Tear.  
4. The Tear isn’t just a cosmic horror short film, it’s an entire cinematic universe.  In this first installment, we follow a shapeshifter who is out for revenge on one of its own.  As it hunts its prey, a trail of dead bodies is left in its wake.
5. The Tear is a short film and cinematic universe rolled into one where a cosmic event has changed the world into an apocalyptic dream.  It follows Other-Smith, a shapeshifting humanoid who is hunting down his maker out of revenge.  Leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, Other-Smith will murder or become whomever it takes to either capture or kill the shapeshifter who is now goes by June.
6. The world has been transformed by a celestial event called The Tear.  It hangs in the sky, like a glowing, ;menacing wound.  A shapeshifter is out to either recapture his long lost love or kill her for leaving.  It’s a chaotic world of broken hearts, cosmic horror and blood.  Love and vengeance.
7. Hiding in the skin of a priest is a creature without form, out for revenge in a world dominated by an apocalyptic, cosmic event called The Tear that has left everything in chaos.  He’s hunting the creature that made him and will kill or become whoever gets in his way.
8. The Tear is a story of revenge inspired by the current debate surrounding gender identity and sexual politics.  Two creatures who can change their human form by drinking the blood of their victims have been playing a deadly cat and mouse game for three decades.  On this day in the world of The Tear, the chase ends.
9. The Tear is an apocalyptic revenge story exploring a world where identity is not only a weapon but a curse.  It follows Other-Smith, a shapeshifter, as he hunts down his maker because of his narcissistic desire to possess or destroy whatever he believes is his.  Both of their minds have been twisted by their years of changing bodies and corrupted by The Tear, a cosmic entity that hangs over the planet.  Without a solid identity to ground them to reality, one has trouble keeping who she is straight, while the other has gravitated towards revenge as their guiding light.
10. In a world, where identity is fluid and a cosmic god threatens all of humanity, two lovers who can change bodies by drinking human blood, play cat and mouse in a deadly game of revenge.
11. The Tear is set in an alternative reality where a cosmic event has torn open a billion mile rip in the fabric of spacetime.  It follows Other-Smith, a shapeshifter who discovers the whereabouts of June, his maker and ex-lover.  He sets out to take her back by force or exact his revenge for leaving him if she refuses.  Think Fatal Attraction but with apocalyptic overtones of Mandy and John Carpenter’s, The Thing.
12. Love and obsession.  Jealousy and hate.  Flesh and blood.  This is what The Tear is made of. Set in an alternate reality, it follows two shape shifters.  One is trying to escape her past while the other is out to prevent that from happening by any means necessary.

Thanks, everyone for your continued interest in The Tear and involvement. There isn’t a social media network or community I enjoy sharing this process more than with you.


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