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Changelings #52 – Sick As $%@#!!!!


I’m sick, but I was lucky enough to receive my first Litecoin donation from Steem user, @vincentnijman! Thanks! As soon as I’m better I’ll press on. VINCENT’S STEEM PAGE: DISTANT SIGNAL’S FORUMS!

Changelings #50 – Thank You!


I can’t believe I’ve made it through 50 episodes! Thanks for sticking around! Continue the discussion on Distant Signal’s forums! (powered by @tokenbb and Steem)

Changelings #47 – Filming Sizzle B-Roll

filming vfx plates for the tear at hollywood resevoir

I’ve started shooting the Changelings sizzle. These first, two days were comprised of shooting foreground plates for some of the visual effects I have in mind for not only the short, Changelings, but also to build out the world and…

Changelings Sizzle B-Roll Day 2

filming vfx plates for the tear at hollywood resevoir

I tried to get to the Hollywood Cross today via the Hollywood Reservoir but it only proved to be a exhausting mistake! I think I walked over a mile, looking for an entry up the steep grade that flanks the…