Changelings Update #6 – Sizzle Script and Character Notes

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Working on the sizzle today. Gonna do a video at some point this weekend, but I wanted to let you in on how I’m shaping, not only the Tone Sizzle, but also the script itself. I realized that June and Fiona needed more fleshing out and these were some of my thoughts on reshaping everything. Should have the Tone Sizzle rewritten today.

Also later my storyboard artist will have a couple of pages done for me. If he’s able to get them scanned tonight I’ll put them up!

Stay well, everyone.


Need to re-focus the story around June and Fiona. They’re too generic. Need to emphasize what each wants to allow for a character arc.


Fiona wants an apology from June but relents when she sees that June is afraid. Her attitude drops and she either puts herself in harms way or uses care to talk June down.

June wants to hide who she is – not only because she isn’t human – but is a narcissist. She always makes it about herself… until the end. Her turn will be an aggressive hug and will be followed with Fiona’s apology.

Father Smith wants to kill June, Other-Dorothy.


INVESTIGATE: Hispanic life in American during the 1940’s. Youth culture specially.


Need to write out the concepts and ideas I’m trying to convey.

Concept 1: The world is existing in the shadow of The Tear.

Concept 2: A man is chasing a woman to kill her because she transformed him into a monster and abandoned him after they swore their lives to each other.

Concept 3: This is a hunt.

Concept 4: This has been going on for a long time.

Concept 5: There are shapeshifters, the transformation is bloody and extremely gross.

Concept 6: Memory and identity become muddy for our main characters. That there’s a beauty and a kind of terror of getting lost inside yourself.

Concept 7: There is a bigger picture. More to see.

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