Changelings Update #4 – 90 Day Challenge

An update thumbnail for the short film The Tear (formerly Changelings).


A few months ago I was on a call with a crowdfunding consultancy company for another short film and they broke down what was the minimum amount of time I needed in advance of a crowdfunding campaign. What they had to say shocked me. I needed to prepare and promote over a three month period BEFORE I even launched my campaign!

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Why you ask? It boils down to preparation. Running a crowdfunding campaign is about as involved as making an actual film. Armed with that information, I decided to record and stream 90 Vlog posts for 90 days to keep me on track for the launch date of Changeling’s crowdfunding start date on April 21, 2019. Put that in your calendars! Pester me about it! Make me work for you! This is the day I’m launching the Changelings crowdfunding campaign.

In any case, I thought that was the least I could do to begin growing my channel the direction I want to grow it and adequately spread the word so that by the time I launch, at least a few people outside of my immediate family would know about what I’m up to.

On my first day building my 90 day streak of diary entries for Changelings, I screw it up. There’s nothing more disappointing than tripping out of the gate.


Getting the momentum back up to create Changelings has been my greatest challenge of late. A lack of confidence and overextending myself on other projects destroyed it last year and when I finally had an inkling of a plan I go and blow it up on the very announcement of my 90 Vlog streak announcement.

Screwing up on my first outing like this is feels like I kicked myself in the back of the head. I felt defeated when I discovered my mistake.

Knowing that this would be a serious challenge, I recorded TWO Vlog’s yesterday, one for today and one for tomorrow, and I was up till 1:00 AM getting the first video completed and in my exhaustion I uploaded the wrong video! I only discovered it after I had promoted it on the various platforms. How embarrassing.

I’ll still be able to get it up in time to keep on schedule, but it means more work than I wanted to perform tonight. Keep an eye out.


In better news, yesterday I was able to secure an original musical composition for the sizzle / trailer I’m creating for the Changelings campaign.

I’m cutting together the Vlog for tomorrow that reveals who it is, but let me say that I am very excited. I’m hoping this collaboration results in a truly tense and frightening track that lasts for a bout three minutes.

Something rhythmic and unnerving. Stay tuned for that tomorrow morning. I’ll be posting links to his work so you can hear what he’s done in the past.

I suspect this will be a challenge for him, but what else is there other than The Fight?

If you want to listen to the soundtrack I listen to when I’m writing Changelings and The Tare, subscribe to my Spotify playlist and follow along. If you like horror & thriller music – along with some etherial stuff – I think you – YES YOU – might enjoy some of the tracks.

Phil out