Changelings Update #7 – Storyboards with Script Samples

In this update, I want to share with you some samples of not only the storyboards but also the sections of script associated with them.

Now that these are being completed by Neil, I’ll soon be able to meet with my visual effects supervisor and special effects artist to better suss out the cost of completing them along with how. The effects have gotten bigger as I’ve worked through the process, but I’d rather start big and pull back.

This Saturday, I’m meeting with Neil to finish working them out the last few moments of the transformation, including some Lovecraftian tentacles.

One thing that I added were the dutch shots that show pieces of Father Smith falling to the floor as he approaches the tub. It’s a great reveal technique that I think will be not only gruesome but effective. The dutch angle was Neil’s idea, but I think it works perfectly for the aesthetic. Who knows if the angle will live through production, but it’s I think it works here in this form.

If anyone needs a little motion to bring the transformation to life, here’s Norm’s conceptual art stitched together as an animatic.

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I’ll have more storyboards soon, along with an update regarding the 3D sculpture for the crowdfunding campaign.

Have a great night out there and stay scary!

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