Changelings Update #5 – Perks List Update

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The vlog will be getting started back up tomorrow. I finally have some news to report. I was lucky enough to run a friend at Monsterpalooza who said they might be able to put me in touch with the special effects and visual effects supervisors that I need.

Hopefully I’ll hear back about it by tomorrow, but I’ll stop right there, otherwise what would be the good of a vlog!?!?


One thing I can put down here that is worth reading is that I’m closing in on what I think is a decent set of perks. I spent the weekend rethinking and refining them. I’m trying to be creative with each tier and have come up with what I think would be a really cool perk for the upmost tier.

I’m pricing out how much it’ll cost to apply a realistic paint job to the 3D model. Imagine all the gory detail. What do you think? I think it would be a beautiful thing to create and a would look gross as hell!


  1. Do any of these things interest you?
  2. Do any bore you?
  3. Is there anything you’d LIKE to see on the list?

Asking for a friend.

1. $5 – TOTAL ACCESS:  
• Access to exclusive updates and the private telegram channel.  
• Private live streams.  
• Private, collaborative playlist on Spotify.  
• Special "Thank You" mention on All social media channels.
• Early access to 1080p stream Changelings short film along with director and actor commentary and / behind the scenes videos.  
• Kiss cut stickers
• Plus $5 tier with the Total Access perk continuing into The Tear updates when the new channel and world are launched.
3. $50 – GET A PIECE:
• 4K Download of Changelings with exclusive director’s commentary.
• Enamel pin
• Scanned PDF of "Changelings" production script and story boards.
• Plus everything in the $5 and $25 tiers.
4. $100 – SPECIAL THANKS: 
• Film credit as Special Thanks.  
• PDF of Production booklet with photos, production script, story boards, concept art in a single package with anecdotes from the crew.
• Plus everything in the $5, $25 and $50 tiers.
5. $200 – THE BIG PACKAGE: 
• Piece of the production – A prop or piece of special effects, preserved in acrylic.
• 27 x 40” Poster – signed by the crew
• Thank you film credit
• Changelings teeshirt
• Online chat with director / cast and crew (if available)
• Signed, scan of used production script script
• Signed copy of story boards by Neil D’Monte
• Plus everything in the $5, $25, $50 and $100 tiers.
6. $500 – MEMORIES! 
• Two tickets to the LA premiere Changelings and the after party
• Physical Production book (30 pages of a detailed look at Changelings process). Includes wrap party and photos of $500 tier or higher donors.  Signed by cast.
• Plus everything in the $5, $25, $50 and $100 tiers.
7. $1000  - Associate producer
• Associate producer credit.   
• Limited edition Lithograph of  concept art by Neil D’monte
• Physical Production book signed by cast.
• Original concept art by Norm Quiros, Signed.
• Signed, ORIGINAL story boards by Neil D’Monte
8. $2500 - LIMITED EDITION SCULPTURES. You get everything from the $100 level + a 7” fine art sculpture bust created by Grimm.
9. $5000 – Executive Producer credit.  Hand painted version of the 7” tall sculpture.  Plus everything else.

Thanks for having a second look.


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