Changelings Update #14 – Seeing Is Believing (original track)

The second upload in this series for Changelings where I share with you the progress of the score.

Taylor and I have been engaging in probably the most collaborative experience with music I’ve ever had for a film. I’ve worked with other composers before, but Taylor and I share a special love for synthwave music genre, horror, sci-fi and the 1980’s aesthetic. It’s been an inspiring process and is the first time I’ve felt a circular, positive feedback loop of collaboration when it comes to music and my filmmaking. I share ideas with him, the script, sketches of ideas, story boards, etc and he comes back with music. I then listen to that music and create more material.

He really gets it and through his music I can see the world taking shape.

This particular track, Seeing is Believing, inspires visions of The Tear, the cosmic event that sets the world of Changelings in motion. When I play this track, I can see it hurtling through space towards Earth. The beginning of my short script comes to mind.

“Splitting the sky, and backlighting a daytime moon, is a shimmering, undulating wave of purple and red energy… THE TEAR. It dominates the skyline. Its zenith arcs high above and its nadir dives below Earth’s horizon. Thunder grumbles out across a cloudless sky. The Tear’s luminescent matter flares with pinks and golds and slowly fold back into what can only be described as its eye. There is a nameless threat behind its pearlescent beauty.”

I’m hoping that the process of shaping the score for Changelings continues down this vein of fun collaboration. That was what Taylor kept saying to me as we discussed this track today, that he was having fun. I can’t think of a better reason to create music or to tell a story and I believe the music is better for it. I know, despite the level of work involved in pushing Changelings forward on my own, that it’s been so far. I want to keep it that way.

So, with that said, enjoy this new window into the world of Changelings and the Tear.



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