Milkshake Laurel Collection


Two, wayward friends cope with the mysteries of life, women and their search for the perfect milkshake on the endless streets of LA.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Lance Swanson and Drake Johnson are unlikely friends. Lance, a lost soul on perpetual unemployment has no idea what he wants to do with his life, while Drake has his sights set on being the best low level drug dealer in Hollywood.

It was The Milkshake that brought them together. One night, most likely a Thursday, they had met at a random work party friends of theirs were forced to attend. Like some are want to do, Lance and Drake got seriously high, wandered into a car, drove to a place they can’t remember and had the greatest concoction of milk, ice cream and whatever else goes in a shake, of their lives.

Now, in a weekly ritual, they search for the meaning of life in a city that values today over tomorrow. A place to be lost in the moment. A place where everyone comes to get away…



  • Danny Lutman – Lance Johnson
  • Ned Fulmer – Drake Swanson
  • Steve Humphreys – Bum
  • Colleen Boag – Melody
  • Nikkita Scott – NIkkita
  • Kali Cooke – Mary
  • Claudia Graf – Samantha
  • Andrew Krukowski – Lubber Instructor


  • Creator:  Phil Abatecola
  • Writers: Mark Gonzales & Phil Abatecola
  • Director:  Phil Abatecola
  • Additional Cinematography:  Bennett Cerf and Jeremy Weiss
  • Makeup: Cristina Abatecola
  • Sound Design: Megyn Cawley