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Overall, I found Flixxo to be unworthy as a video platform. You can watch my entire video above, but for the TL;DR, here are my main pros and cons.


  • Nice interface
  • The design is a lot like Netflix’s layout and is easy to look at
  • Videos play well and load quickly
  • Nice branding
  • Ethereum based, ERC-20 token called Flixx
  • Fast transactions
  • Pays you to watch ads


  • Poor security. As a user, you don’t control your wallet keys for the cryptocurrency you’d be earning on the platform, only a plaintext password. On that basis alone, I can’t recommend it for anyone, let alone creators who would become dependent upon the platform. Users MUST have control over their keys.
  • No two factor authentication with Google Auth or Authy
  • Poor and extremely vague terms of service
  • Videos subject to deletion from central authority
  • Collects and distributes user data to advertisers
  • No YouTube Sync to help make the shift to the platform
  • No web based interface