The Tear – Logline and Short Synopsis

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Here is V1 of The Tear’s logline and short synopsis from the pitch packet. More details from the packet will be coming shortly. I’m working on the Director’s Statement along with extra characters and more details about the Tear and the world itself.

Logline & Brief Synopsis

LOGLINE: Desperate for revenge, a shape shifter is on the hunt for one of its own. 
SYNOPSIS:  Father Smith lies dead in a seedy motel.  A puncture wound on his neck oozes thickening blood.  Other-Smith, a twin of Father Smith stands nearby, mesmerized by The Tear, a vast, luminescent, red and pink scar that cuts across the sky.  He seems connected to it before dry heaves push him down into a nearby seat.  
Sitting, Other-Smith picks up a photo of two photos taped together.  One side is a decades old photo of a young man, and the other is a new photo of June, ex lover and target of his revenge.  
Meanwhile, June and her friend Fiona are having an argument in a nearby restaurant.  June seems weak and exhausted.  She is half in the conversation and half out.  Finally, Fiona snaps at her and leaves for not paying attention.
Other-Smith heads out to find June in a car that isn’t his, dressed like as a priest.  The Tear dominates the skyline, even during the light of day.  Other’s, like street urchins, seem entranced by it.  Graffiti litters the urban landscape with phrases like, “The Tear Sees” and “God Lives”.  He arrives at Judith’s.
June chases Fiona out of the restaurant.  Fiona knows that something is wrong with June, even if she’s not willing to admit it.  Her friend has been distant and forgetful.  Is it possible it has to do with June’s father disappearing?  Yes.  But it’s something more than that.  June is hiding something.
Judith answers the door to find Other-Smith.  Believing it’s the Father from her local Parish, she invites him in. Tricked by his familiar face, Judith is unaware of the threat hiding beneath Other-Smith’s mask.  While June evades Fiona’s walking interrogation, Judith opens up to the alien sitting at her dinner table.  She reveals how angry she is over his disappearance and the Last Rights he will never receive as a Catholic, the final Sacrament.  Just as luck would have it, Other-Smith can offer her a “new program” in which the New Catholic Church will grant Last Rights in absentia to allow Judith and her husband to be together in Heaven.
This makes Judith a little suspicious.  Not only is she a Catholic of the old order, she sees that inside Other-Smith’s briefcase is a gun.  Before Other-Smith can do whatever it is he was intending to do with his gun, Judith shoots him.  
The Tear flashes green and June grabs her chest in excruciating pain.  She, the Tear and Other-Smith are connected.  She passes out from the pain.
Only then is the truth revealed.  Not only does this not kill Other-Smith, he is able to subdue Judith and command the bullets she put in his chest to worm their way out of his chest.  Other-Smith takes an automatic spike toughly size of a pen, releases its tip, stabs Judith in the neck and drinks her blood.  She turns gray and dies.  Other-Smith stumbles back and grips his stomach.  His face is turning red and swelling with puss.  He screams at the sky while blood pours from his eyes.  Other-Smith runs to the bathroom while pieces of him fall to the floor.
Stumbling into the bathroom, Other-Smith’s left leg snaps in two as the rest of his skin begins to fall off.  He makes it to the shower and turns on the hot water.  Steam obscures him as tentacles rip his body apart.  Something painful and evil is taking place in the hot steam and filling tub.  
Other-Smith’s screaming stops.  The water turns off.  A hand reaches out and opens the shower curtain to reveal that Other-Smith has become Other-Judith.  J
June wakes up, telling Fiona they have to get to her home immediately.
Other-Judith cleans up Judith’s house, body and blood.  June makes it home with her friend.  June sniffs the air like Other-Smith.  Tired of June’s weirdness, Fiona charges towards the house thinking that June is either crazy or psychotic.  June stops her and produces a pen-spike.  For the first time, Fiona is afraid of June.  She doesn’t know who her friend is at this point.
Fiona thinks that June has lost her mind, and finally, June is willing to admit that might be the case.  She’s lost her way and her identity.  If Fiona ends their friendship, June might might just kill herself.  This snaps Fiona back from the brink of ending their relationship.
Other-Judith opens the door and frightens them both.  Other-Judith invites Fiona in for dinner, but she politely declines.  June is suspicious, but can’t tell that anything is wrong with the house or her mother.  
The night becomes a quiet game of suspicion.  Other-Judith plays mother while June unlocks a hidden case beneath her bed.  Inside are items that reveal June is not quite who she says she is.  Money, passports and decades old pictures.  
Other-Judith stalks June, testing her senses.  Does June know who Other-Judith really is?  
During the night, Other-Judith comes to June’s door and tries to enter with Other-Smith’s pen-spike but the door is locked.  June is relieved when Ohter-Judith retreats, but an idea crosses her mother-turned-enemy’s mind.  
The next morning, June finds Other-Fiona at the breakfast table.  Her friend is dead.  Other-Fiona reveals that she has been searching for June for so many years, ever since she abandoned her as another form.  Now, June can never leave.  They will be together forever.
June refuses, shatters a nearby pitcher and stabs Other-Fiona in the neck.  Other-Fiona collapses, June drinks her blood…
...and screams.