The Tear Update #22 – Table Read


Wasss happoniiiiing!?!?

Just a little, late night table read for The Tear! I’ve never done a table read at what would usually be bed time, but it was the only hour we could all get together. I’m glad we did.

Tuesday night was the first time hearing the script out loud. I can see where we can improve things going forward. Some of the dialogue is a bit histrionic and stiff, but now that I’ve got a recording I can listen to those lines a million times over and reshape them. It also helps that my producer Mark is also a sharp writer in his own right, helping me refine some of the dialogue to make things sound more real and more in the moment.

Big thank you to our cast Toni Christopher, Dan Warner, Kelly Langtim and Samantha Doran! I feel really lucky to have such a good cast. Despite the casual nature of the read, last night only cemented my confidence in them. I have chosen well and I can’t wait to get them on set!

And, as always, huge thanks to Mark Gonzales, producer, raconteur, hype-man.