Use SteemPeak’s Beneficiaries Feature and Help Your Favorite Projects Now!


The fiasco that was the rollout of HF21 made me realize that if we’re to propel the Steem Network into the social and economic force that it deserves be, we as users are going to have voluntarily contribute more to our favorite projects for their development and maintenance lest it be TAKEN from us. I know the SPS tax – because that’s exactly what it is, a F#$%#@G TAX – is supposed to be for development, but I get the feeling it simply isn’t going to be enough to raise up the projects we believe deserve it on a routine basis.

God, that HF21 still gets my blood pressure up. I just… I can’t. Anyway…

One feature of @steempeak that I have always wanted to utilize, but haven’t until now, is its Beneficiariesoption down at the bottom of each post composition window.


I don’t have any statistics on how often this feature is used by other Steemians, but it seems like an excellent way to continue to support the Steem Network projects that you want to see succeed. I want to see the network as a whole succeed, but it’s going to take the best projects and the projects you love the most surviving and growing, and that’s going to take more support than lip service.

Until now, I haven’t given it enough thought, but recently I had noticed what some of the fees were for posting through certain interfaces, many as high as 25% of the rewards! That tells me that they aren’t making enough on average to keep up development costs… or their greedy little pigs. I choose the former reason. The problem is, I can get around every single one of those fees, and I’m incentivized to do so because it’s too much.

Now that HF21 is cutting author rewards from 75% to 50%, and additional 10-25% of the rewards for a single post using other dApps and front ends hurts too much.

So, I propose the following (at least for myself, but encourage others to join).

It’s time to start distributing my rewards using SteemPeaks Beneficiaries feature with every post, so that even if I avoid the massive 25% hit in rewards, which I assure you all I will often do because it’s just too expensive, I would still help fund the development of my favorite dApps and front ends.

Best of all, I’ve built these donations into my Steempeak Templates so that I never forget.

My hope is that if enough people do this, these dApps will eventually lower their costs and make it more attractive to use them to post content, and that over the long haul, I end up providing more to their services than I would by using their dApps and front ends.

I don’t often use @dsound, but it’s a project I believe deserves support. The same goes for @partiko@steepshot and @appics. I almost never post through any of them, but still love the software and want them to succeed.

So with that said, I’m going to begin supporting the following projects via Beneficiaries feature. If anyone has any suggestions or updates on any of these projects, please let me know. I will be updating this as this experiment moves forward.

Beneficiaries List.png

@steempeak – 2%
@partiko – 2%
@dtube – 2%
@dsound – 1%
@steepshot – 1%
@steempress – 1%

I encourage others to follow suit. The above dApps are the ones I use the most. I’ve heard that Steepshot might be a dead platform, and if it is, I’ll move over to Appics for all my photo needs, but I do feel a sense of loyalty since they were the first, and I absolutely love using their dApp.


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