I Got a New KeepKey Hardware Wallet for $5!


I received an email from KeepKey and Shapeshift the other day for a super sweet deal on their hardware wallet, KeepKey! I already have a Ledger, but it was such a good deal I thought it was worth the $74 discount! I am very excited to play with it and the really nice interface. I’m sad to see that it doesn’t support Monero or STEEM, but I’m hoping that it’s an upcoming feature.


I can see it being a little annoying due to the size. My Ledger Nano S is so small that I sometimes forget that I have it on me. It’d fun and interesting treating it more like a full fledged wallet or something that I only use at home.


This isn’t going to be a comprehensive review or anything, I don’t even have it yet! I guess this was more of a bragging rights moment due to some fortuitous circumstances. It’s not like I earned this… or did I? I have traded on the platform before, so I guess I was on someone’s list.

Best of all, the unit has already shipped!


I don’t know if that discount code still works, but maybe you should try it out and get one for yourself.

Anyway, g’night!


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